Google AnalyticsDriving visitors to your website should be your first priority. This is the first step to getting sales. However, to understand how many visitors are coming to your website and how many of them are turning to real sales are very important. Google web analytic provides you a clear overview about the statistics of your website. It gives you direct figure regarding your website visitors, conversion rate, average time spending time of the visitors, bounce rate, leads, etc. It actually helps you keep the track of your website. However, to utilize this unique tool properly you must have proper knowledge on how to use Google analytics.

Installing Google web analytics is absolutely free simple. It is really easy to set up. To install kit you just need to put a small piece of code at the bottom of your each web page within the closing body tag. By collecting information from the analytic you can tack the user behavior as well as find out where they are coming from and where they go on your website. By getting this information you can serve your customers better and at the same time can track the progress of your website. This is a unique way to convert your traffic to sales.

Traffic Sources: This first thing that you can get from Google analytics is the traffic source. There are three types of traffic sources that you can track by using this unique tool. They are: Search traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic.

Traffic sent by the search engines to your website is known as search traffics. By using this tab you can know which keywords are being used by the visitors to search your website. This is important when you are doing some basic optimization to increase the keywords ranking for your website. By using this tool you can know which keyword is sending more traffic.

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Referral traffic mainly comes from a link from another website. In case you have tried to increase the number of visitors for your site through link building, you can know the results of your efforts.

Direct traffic, on the other hand, are the traffic that comes to your website by clicking your website URL directly. These are the people who already know about your website.

There will be also information about the keywords people are using to find out your website. There will be a list of top ten keywords and once you click, you can see the entire list.

Apart from that there are ‘Content’ page. It indicates the entry and exit page of your website. You can see this portion after logging in to your website – Content- Site Content – Landing Page. Top landing pages are those where people are entering your site and top exit pages are where people are leaving your website.

Another important tab in the Google analytics is ‘Conversion’ and ‘Goals’. These tabs are really important when you have an e-commerce site.

Apart from these basics there is other information at the fingertips with the unique power of Google web analytics. Once you start exploring it, you will understand the real value of it.