Blogging is a significant activity in digital marketing. Regardless if you are a business or a professional who wants to share insights in your industry, there is no denying that creating blogs is necessary to develop your brand, increase website traffic, and cultivate a relationship with customers and readers.

Although having high-quality content is vital, the blogging activity does not stop there. Another equally important but often overlooked step in blogging is the content promotion.

Even in the Philippines, most blog promotion activities rely heavily on using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Fortunately, there are a lot of other ways to promote content.

Here are some ideas you can use to promote your next blog post.

Keyword Search

Great content is useless if it is not searchable. This is why researching proper keywords are essential. Although it has been a common mistake, not doing keyword research upfront affects the amount of traffic generated by your website.

However, you must understand that keywords are not just about traffic, but competition as well. Using broad and generic keywords will give you poor results, which is why long tail keywords, usually three or more words, are used because it will drive more traffic, and the chances of increasing your page rank are higher.

There are a lot of keyword tools that can help you in searching for keywords such as Google Keyword Planner, LongTailPro, and Ahrefs. Keywords are beneficial in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is often included in SEO training.

Get Quotes from Experts

Reaching out to an expert in the industry and getting their views on the topic of your content will make your blog more credible. You can also link the expert’s website or blog post into the content.

After publishing your blog, it is a good practice to email the expert where you got an opinion and ask him/her to share the article on his/her social media, and possibly include it in his/her email newsletter.

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You can also mention the expert when sharing the article. These strategies will help your blog reach new audiences in your industry.

Message Influencers

Influencers are key individuals who hold a compelling power in their respective industries. They are the people to whom consumers or readers in the industry listen, thus getting them to share your content will give great exposure to your content.

There are various ways to reach out influencers. You can search for their emails or contact them through LinkedIn. Although you need to connect with them first on LinkedIn, you can work your way up by connecting with their connections or by joining groups where they actively participate.

Besides influencers, you can also get in touch to those who have written, shared, or liked the related content and ask them to read and share your blog.

Turn Your Content into Different Forms

You cannot please everyone with one medium for your blog, which is why there is a need to diversify the way you present your content.

If you have written a blog post or a guide, you can create a video about it and publish it to YouTube, Vimeo, or other online video communities. Another option you have is using photographs in the blog or turning it into a visual content with creative graphics.

Turning the blog into slide presentations and pdf files can also help in attracting audiences for your content and website. Charts and graphs, memes, and quizzes can also be used depending on your blog.

Use Snippets

Snippets give you variations when sharing your content. It can include alterations of the title, statements, or phrases from the content, quotes, statistics, and more.

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Using snippets will enable you to create interest in the content of your blog, and share and promote it without being repetitive.

Submit to Content Websites

There are content communities with established audience that allows you to submit your content. Samples of such include Blog Engage, BizSugar, Triberr, and Definitely Filipino.

Nonetheless, not all blogs submitted will be published. Thus, your content must be of high quality to pass through the screening process.

Maximize Social Media

Sharing in more places can increase visibility for your blog. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, you can share on other social networking sites such as Google+ and LinkedIn where there are a lot of distinct communities and groups you can join and promote. Pinterest is another great place to promote even though it is still widely underutilized.

However, timing is critical in promoting in social media. You must do your research on the particular time that your target audience are most receptive to sharing and liking content.

These are just a few of the ways you can do to promote your content. Some might not be suited for your blog, which is why you should start by experimenting and using a combination of the tactics mentioned above and develop a content marketing strategy that will prove effective for you.