Joomla SEOWhen it comes to developing a website, one of the easiest and most versatile content management systems in use on the Internet is Joomla. Even if you know absolutely nothing about website programming, Joomla can help you design an attractive, feature rich, and optimized website in a matter of 20 minutes or less.

While Joomla is a strong CMS program helping millions of users design beautiful websites, it also assists in maximizing search engine optimization without worrying about coding knowledge. Joomla is a fully automated system to manage your content and many aspects of SEO can be implemented automatically as well each time you add content to your website.

1. Sitemaps – Although there are various versions of Joomla on the Internet, plugins such as Xmap can set your sitemap up and communicating with Goolge in mere minutes. There are various mods and plugins you can install to automatically create these maps. Once the sitemap has been created from your install, just submit the link to Google and it will do the rest. Every time you save content in Joomla, Google is notified of it.

2. META Information – One of the most important aspects of SEO is the managing of keywords and page descriptions for search engines. You can edit this META information on the same page you create your article. Coding is not necessary and if you use plugins such as Add Keywords, both the keywords and description can be created for you automatically every time you click “Apply” or “Save”.

3. Organization – Joomla helps keep your content organized for SEO practices. The very nature of using the CMS allows for an organized page to be developed that search engine bots can crawl without difficulty. Not only does a website need to flow logically for a visitor, but these search engine bots need to find what they’re looking for too. Joomla can create an optimized experience for both and reducing errors throughout your site.

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4. Image Alts – As search engines can’t crawl images for content, the ALT command tells the bot what the image is about. When placing images within your content in Joomla, you are able to add the description of this image for correct indexing. Just make sure your image descriptions match your content. Otherwise, the image description will score poorly in Google.

5. SEO Tools Galore – One of the aspects of Joomla that make it so popular is the ability to install a vast array of modules and plugins to make your site more robust. Individuals and companies alike will create tools that can make Joomla into anything you desire. If you take a look at the Extensions Directory for Joomla, there is a long list of SEO tools you can implement on your site. Although some of these will cost you a few dollars to buy, many of them are free to use.

Regardless of which CMS program you decide to use for your website, SEO practices are very important if you want to attract visitors. The competition is rough on the Internet and becoming the foremost authority in your field of study can be difficult to establish. See for yourself the power Joomla can have to impact SEO strategies.

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