Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Technological advances and communications have always gone hand-in-hand. In this era, where smartphones and messaging services have transformed into the list of necessities of life, the world has literally has shrunken in size.

Among all the ways of virtual communication, text messages or SMS became very popular due to its convenience but it comes with a price! However, the current trend of texting – WhatsApp, enables users to exchange unlimited multimedia messages at no cost.

In just five years, WhatsApp has built a communication service that supports over 400 million monthly active users worldwide and 320+ million daily active users. Whatsapp has 70% active users, a number even more than the social networking giant Facebook, which has 61% existing users.

Facebook declared today its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in cash and stock.Thousands of investors have used resources such as etoro trading and other trading functions alike to get their hands on some of the most profitable stock there is! This is hard, but definitely not impossible. To achieve this, it is important that you build up an effective knowledge base about making investments in particular stocks within the marketplace. Is something like the Hello Stake app the best way to start your journey in making investments? This stake review will help to give you a better idea of which route to go down. But with the figures that Facebook has produced, making an investment in their stocks could help to give you a better return on investment. Who wouldn’t want to have an investment in one of the most popular communication platforms the world has ever seen? Perhaps someone who was more into cryptocurrency investing such as Bitcoin Rechner, though rumours are abound that Facebook are turning their sights on cryptocurrency next. Alas, all we can do is wait.

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It is an amazing landmark for the company’s co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Jan and Brian wanted a different kind of company from the minute they launched WhatsApp. They remained zealous to a fast communications service that works meticulously to stay ahead of the competitors. This has offered WhatsApp well and attained popularity within no time.

WhatsApp served a messaging platform just as Skype did for voice and video calls. It has completely revamped personal communications by using the Internet as the backbone of its communications. According to their close business partners and investors, “For the past three years, it’s been our privilege to work with Jan and Brian. It has been a remarkable journey, and we could not be happier for the talented underdogs whose unshakeable beliefs and maverick natures epitomize the spirit of Silicon Valley.”

Those less acquainted with Whatsapp and its brilliant performance might wonder about how an adolescent organization could be so profitable. Whatsapp helps us to remember different organizations like Paypal and Youtube – whose authors picked similar method like Jan and Brian.

What prompted Facebook to buy WhatsApp

  1. More than 400 million monthly active users
  2. Over 400 photos shared every day
  3. Handles more than 10 million messages daily
  4. Simple, no-nonsense design and ads-free interface
  5. 5 year old company with a team strength of less than 40, essentially a start-up

The note from Jan’s desk“No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!”

Facebook has ensured Jan and Brian that WhatsApp will stay ad free and they will not have to compromise on their ideology. As a new member of Facebook’s board, Jan will continue to preserve the rights of WhatsApp users.

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There may be no demonstration of the viral nature of Whatsapp than the way that the organization has achieved without investing a penny. The organization has not even hired an advertiser or PR agencies. Yet, like the world’s most awesome brands, it made a great association with its users.

Jan and Brian have been committed to build an enduring service since they started WhatsApp with less than just ten users. Now, they are just getting started on their way towards the billions. Let’s wait and watch what happens now with Zuckerberg and Jan and Brian joined hands together!

Courtesy : Hidden Brains Blog