Google Adsense and SEOGoogle Adsense is considered as world’s largest ads network and works at PPC (pay per click) system. The paying rates of Adsense is far better than the other options, this is the basic reason why bloggers and site owners prefer this way of making money. As you see everyone is running behind Adsense, Google Inc. has made the approval system pretty stringent. Even a small and trivial mistake could lead to a rejection, hence adhering to its quality yardsticks is really important. It has become difficult to make money from the Adsense programs these days and some people have turned to chad kimball maps to make an income; however, before applying for the Adsense you should consider these top five things to avoid rejections.

1). Top level domain
Its history when Google used to allow WordPress or Blogspot blogs for their Adsense programs. However, as of now, you are supposed to have your own unique domain, which specifies your blog or site. If you fail to have one, you simply rule out the basic requirement, which is compulsory for applying Google Adsense program. Besides, domain age too has an important role while applying for these programs. As per the Google policies, the domain name should be at least six months old. However, if your blog has tangible amount of visitors with many as unique visitors from search engines on a daily basis, the age factor makes no difference, you can directly apply for the same.

2). Content type and quality
Before applying for Adsense program you need to check your content type since it matters a lot to Google. Adsense is certainly not for illegal items, pornographic content or drugs related blogs or sites. Also, if your blog or site is among the non English one, you are not supposed to apply for Adsense. Secondly, the quality of your blog or site content should be high. You are not supposed to produce duplicate content. Plus your blog should have at least 50 to 60 published posts of length not less than 300 words. If you fail on these simple parameters, you are more likely to face rejection.

3). Avoid Paid traffic
Before applying for Adsense, you need at least 350 unique visitors on a daily basis, however, you cannot think of getting them via paid services. Google simply hates the blogs or sites, which subscribe for paid traffic. If you are using it, you are supposed to get rid of these services and rely more on other methods of getting traffic.

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4). Design
After checking your content in your blog or site, the design you have adopted is another important element to review before applying for Adsense. You are supposed to have a good design over your blog or site, which must display your experience, expertise and professionalism in a right way. Hence, you need to be careful about your design as it could kill your chances of getting Adsense.

5). Use proper widgets
It is always better to put some useful widgets over your site or blog before applying for the Google Adsense program. Such widgets could help you in getting inorganic traffic, which you could find from social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Few of the important widgets, which you can use, include Facebook Like Box, Subscription Box, Social Sharing Buttons, Twitter Follower Button, Google Plus Author Badge, and Page Badge.

Carrying out these things could consume your time to some extent but without these you cannot expect positive results. Hence you can consider these five prerequisites as your investment in your blog to get Adsense program.

About contributor: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Vauxhall Astra VXR.