Seo Link Building vs Attractive Content MarketingThe SEO and online marketing world has evolved beyond recognition. The practices that once took websites to the top of search engines are now making them being blacklisted by the same search engines. This is mainly because of the shift in focus of the search engines. Google doesn’t really care how many hours in a day you spend to get back links for your website. They cater to people who are looking for specific information. If you are capable to give them valuable information while complying with their guidelines, you need not worry.

The latest war has been between the traditional SEO techniques and content and apparently content is emerging as the clear winner. This however does not mean that SEO is entirely wiped out. It still exists and it still does work for a number of websites. Nevertheless, depending on your goals for your website, content weighs strong against link building, in terms of long-term benefits for the traffic to your website.

Here are a few reasons why content is the new king-
It hits where it affects the most- Good content reaches the audience directly. Whereas. In link building, you insert your link even where it won’t be very welcome. With content, you get to publish your link in the most natural way. In addition, if your content or blog is shared on social networking sites, the people are sharing it willingly.

Measurable results- With content and blogging, you get results that can be measured in terms of the visits and clicks. Link building does not have this advantage.

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Link building is more of a fuss- Honestly, no one enjoys filing through the endless rows and columns of MS Excel spreadsheets. Link building is boring and in no way can it stimulate your brain. Blog writing on the other hand, is interesting and stimulating.

Blogging is interesting- You get to write on something new every now and then. You just don’t have to purely stick to your business domain; you can talk about endless number of things. If you are running a blog on an internet marketing company, nobody is going to shoot you if you blog about the best restaurants in Melbourne. With blogging and content, you can play around and experiment.

Content writers are easier to find- if you are thinking of link building, you have three options- you either hire a company to do the hard work for your website, and pay huge money to them. Alternatively, you hire a team of professionals, and make them work under your guidance, again paying them fat salaries. Or, you hire freshers, pay them peanuts but put together day and night to train them, and by the time they are good enough, they’d leave for a better job. However, if you are thinking blogging, you don’t even have to hire a fulltime writer. You can hire freshers or an experienced writer, as your budgets suits you. If one leaves, you have plenty of freelancers to take up the job.

Google will love you for it- Your ultimate goal for all the internet marketing strategies is to rank high on Google. If you do nothing and just concentrate on producing great content, Google will love you for it and you won’t have to worry about any more updates. If you are doing, what Google says is right, you will not be intimated by updates like those that you were when the Panda and the Penguin came out.

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