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5 Ways in Which an InfoGraphic can Increase the Value Of Your Blog

I am quite sure that everyone is aware of the proverb “A picture speaks a thousand words” but what if it is an infographic? Well then you can surely expect it to speak more than a thousand words. Articles with images get 94% more views than the ones that have no images and if you are into Digital Marketing then I am sure that this statistic is very important to you and you shall start working on adding images and infographics in your articles right away.


Source – zabisco

What? Are you still not convinced about using infographics in your articles? Alright, I shall give some more reasons.

Blogger Country-Specific URL : Google Blogger URL Redirects Censor International Users

By DAVID ANGOTTI at Search Engine Journal


google-blogger-censorshipWhen Twitter announced they were instituting anew censorship policy, the micro-blogging platform faced an immediate and severe backlash from the majority of the web community. Now, as a result of a previously announced change to the Blogger platform that was initially announced on January 9th, the Blogger platform has also come under scrutiny. The change, which deploys a country-specific URL to the Blogger platform, will allow Google to censor and remove content on a country-by-country basis similar to the new Twitter policy.

Why Blogging Is Still Important in 2012? : 7 Strong Reasons


By NEIL PATEL at Search Engine Journal

Some people would like you to think blogging as we know it is over.

They share the eye-popping numbers for Tumblr’s growth, for example: 355 million unique visitors per month, and 400 million pageviews per day. And it’s true that Twitter and Facebook have lead many people away from blogging.

But publishing content on a blog is superior to these platforms in many ways, like putting a human face on your brand, differentiating you from your competition and educating prospects and clients.

But I want to expand on seven areas that will prove essential in 2012.

Affiliate Marketing : Way to make money online with your own website or blog

Affiliate Marketing and Professional Affiliate Marketing Companies

Affiliate MarketingOne of the most popular vehicles of internet marketing is Affiliate marketing. A large population of businessmen is using Affiliate marketing on the web for increasing visitors to their websites. Affiliates are such websites that promote other sites and help in bringing traffic to other sites. For promoting the website or bringing the visitors, the Affiliate websites get rewarded by cash or gift. The technique of Affiliate marketing overlaps the other prevailing marketing techniques as it also uses other different and regular advertising methods such as organic search engine optimization. In the organic search engine optimization, Affiliate website use to serve as a mode that can be used for posting the main site link (main site is for which Affiliate site is working or merchant’s website). The Affiliate site will be rewarded if visitor of Affiliate site visits the main site. The techniques of Affiliate marketing are mostly used on eCommerce websites. The professional internet marketing companies use to provide robust Affiliate marketing services and comprehensive Affiliate Marketing solutions.

The professional Affiliate marketing companies use to make perfect Affiliate marketing programs for their clients according to their business nature. Such companies do all business promotional activities through professional Affiliate marketing program. The main Affiliate marketing services they provide are analysis of business nature and product & services for making the appropriate Affiliate marketing strategy, identification of suitable network for deploying their strategy for client’s business as well as in their own network, identification of suitable publisher according to client’s business and its products & services and services like tracking the performance of advertising and reporting.  Moreover, they provide the services of regular monitoring of Affiliate networks for preventing any fraud. Actually the concept of Affiliate marketing is divided in three steps such as first customer visits Affiliate’s website, then Affiliate directs the customer to merchant’s website for sale of products & services and finally the merchant use to pay the commission to Affiliate for providing the customer.