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10 Ways To Use Social Media Sites For Marketing Your Business

In this era of greater and better mobile penetration, almost everyone is resorting to social media platforms for all kind of communications. Be it connecting with friends and family or promoting your business, social media sites can be very effective. Most importantly most of these sites are free and can provide you with material publicity at a minimum expense.

Social media mind map with networking concept words

1) Sign Up On Different Sites: Currently there are many sites which can help you provide publicity for free. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even Pintrest or Instagram, you do not need any money to register on these sites and surprisingly almost all of these sites can be very effective platforms to further your business and promote it to a wider audience. Create a page with the name of your business, go through the various rules of the site and start churning out content at a regular basis. You will be able to then engage with users at a much higher frequency.

2) Make A Plan: However your marketing initiatives on the social media sites cannot be haphazard. Chalk out a distinctive plan and how you want to go about achieving it and according create a strategy. For example make a list of your target audience, the kind of professionals you want to market your product to and the type of reach you are aiming at. This will help strategise your plan of action far more effectively and create a scope for long-term gains.

3) Post Regular Update: This alone cannot drive traffic and market your product. For people to know about your product better or avail the service you are providing more frequently. It is important to keep your followers or those on your friend list engaged. For that you need to post regular updates. Some could be about the product, any new innovation, information and utility of the product and all such related updates could be included in the post. The result is it would keep popping up on the news feed of members who are associated with the page regularly thereby maintaining the connect with them.

Want A More Precise Customer Experience? Integrate Email Marketing Into Cross-Channel Marketing

Social media has received a huge amount of publicity in recent years; there are frequent reports on those who have hundreds of thousands of followers, people who can make a fortune in a heartbeat by simply referring the right product to their followers. However, this is not an option which is open to your average firm which does not have the budget to pay a famous blogger to promote them.


However, it is possible to build a following of your own to create a successful business; but this is not enough buy itself. The most successful businesses at marketing are those which use social media and email marketing; in effect you need to market your business across all available channels to ensure you reach the maximum number of people.

The key difference in approach is the use of cross channel marketing; this is the process by which you use all available marketing methods; direct mailing, emailing, social media and even billboards. However, you change the message on each type of media. This can be a more difficult approach to master as you need to track your customer through the different media’s and confirm you have given them the right message at the right time. The following tips will help you to master your marketing campaign: