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“What do you love?” (wdyl.com) by Google – Google Launches a Different Kind of Search Experience

What Do You Love WDYL.com GoogleGoogle has launched a site called wdyl.com. That stands for “What do you love?”. That is the all the site says with a search box and a heart button until you enter your query.
Once you enter it, you get a different kind of search results page. The page will show you a graphical interface with boxes for results in Image Search, Maps, Google Alerts, Patent Search, Google Trends, Product Search, Sketchup, YouTube, Books, Google Translate, Blog Search, Picasa, Google News, Google Earth, Google Mobile Search, etc. It also has boxes for various Google tools.
For example, if I tell Google I love “India” it will also show Gmail box telling me to email somebody about India, a Google Calendar box telling me to plan an event about India, a Google Voice box telling me to call somebody about India, a Google Moderator box telling me to organize a debate about India (a fantastic idea), a Google Groups box telling me to start a India discussion group (another great idea), and a Chrome box telling me to access India stuff on the web, faster.