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7 Ways to Use Visitor Intelligence in SEO & Marketing

By Erez Barak at Search Engine Watch


You’re a search engine optimization hero. You’ve done all of the requisite work to set-up and improve the health of your site’s SEO. You’ve got the balance right, so that your site isn’t over-optimized and free from risk of being penalized by the search engines.

Things are humming. You’re ranking for your target keywords, you’ve succeeded in driving traffic to your website, visitors are converting and leads are now sitting plentiful in your CRM.

In This Bright SEO Future, Don’t Forget The Basics

By Kerry Dean at Search Engine Land

We finally made it to April, folks! And I say this with more joy than usual, since March was acrazy month for SEO. If you made it through March without an email from Google or a penalty from Google or a drop in Google organic search traffic due to Panda updates or paidlink-related issues, you should give yourself a high five.

I mean, “Holy haberdashery, Batman!”. March 2012 was one for the history books! But now it’s all over. There’s nothing to be scared of any more. Pretty soon everything will be back to business as usual. Or will it? Dun..Dun.. Dunnnn!!! 

The Reddit Guide to Massive Traffic

By NEIL PATEL at Search Engine Journal

Like Pinterest and TumblrReddit isn’t a perfect fit for all web marketers…yet, if you can figure out how to use it as a tool in your SEO toolbox you can drive massive traffic to your site.

But be warned…unlike Pinterest or Tumblr, take the wrong marketing steps on reddit and you could get eaten alive.

Sounds pretty tough for a massive sharing community, doesn’t it? That’s what happens when you are dealing with a young, skeptical, liberal, geeky, internet-literate, and ever-so-meta audience.

What Customer Services Can Learn from SEO : Analytics, Social Networking

By KEVIN GIBBONS at Search Engine Journal

Customer ServiceThe principles guiding search engine optimisation are sound business goals for all areas of a company, including customer service. From showing off how local you are, to putting quality of calls above quantity, here’s what your customer services team can learn from SEO…


A good SEO campaign is informed by feedback from your web analytics – highlighting the most valuable keywords on your site and helping to identify any areas that may have been missed.

If your site has a Frequently Asked Questions page or a Knowledge Base, however, analytics can also help you to understand your customers’ most common problems. Are they searching for product manuals? Perhaps your documentation isn’t in plain enough English. Discounts and special offers? Maybe you need to advertise your deals more visibly.